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Reflections During a 5 Day Sabbatical

This week we had a 5 day break due to the visit of Pope Francis. Though I am not a solid Catholic in terms of my faith and having been raised in a protestant church (and ironically, educated from a catholic school and a alumni of a Catholic university), I share the same respect as […]

Are You True to Your Promise?

A word is just a word, until is acted upon. I learned that there is much more to promises than just giving them. Promises without commitment are just mere vapours that escape once the seal is broken. Justice delayed is justice denied, and so are promises broken. Today as I have time to reflect on […]

Getting Things Done on Time

As they say in Journalism, deadlines are dead. Life is full of these, deadlines and targets to chase after. Dreams that need to be fulfilled. Moving forward, we want a better life, a better future and a life that’s full of accomplishments. Victories, no matter how small, matter. Everything has an expiry date on it. […]

October Rush

October is a time to celebrate the many beautiful things that are happening around me. God is truly great. Maybe it was also about time and I too have to dream of better things to come  

DFA Improved Satellite Passport Renewal Centers

I remember the last time we queued at the Department of Foreign Affairs to get a passport. It took a whole day and endless lines to get a passport. Those were the days! Just today we went to the SM Megamall office of DFA and had our passports renewed in as short as thirty minutes! […]

Facing a New Day

I used to be afraid that the rain won’t stop. But it was God’s promise that He will no longer destroy His people by flood. And I believe in His promise. Today the rain starts pouring in. The thunder was almost deafening and then rain cleansed the pavement, like a sign that my life too […]

Changing the World, Helping Uplift Lives – Amway One by One Campaign for Children

  It has been three months since my last post. I have been moving a lot lately and have visited our beneficiary schools nationwide. This August alone, we have successfully launched our nationwide storytelling campaign in all six beneficiary schools in Makati (F. Benitez Elementary), Mandaluyong (Highway Hills Integrated School), Davao (Lacson Elementary School), Cagayan […]

You Are my Happy Thought!

Twenty-two years ago I was an immature child who ran away from home in search of happiness. Then you came into my life and I felt afraid that I may not be good enough for you. But your wide eyes and your tiny hands were my everyday joy. You gave me the strength to become […]

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