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Changing the World, Helping Uplift Lives – Amway One by One Campaign for Children

  It has been three months since my last post. I have been moving a lot lately and have visited our beneficiary schools nationwide. This August alone, we have successfully launched our nationwide storytelling campaign in all six beneficiary schools in Makati (F. Benitez Elementary), Mandaluyong (Highway Hills Integrated School), Davao (Lacson Elementary School), Cagayan […]

You Are my Happy Thought!

Twenty-two years ago I was an immature child who ran away from home in search of happiness. Then you came into my life and I felt afraid that I may not be good enough for you. But your wide eyes and your tiny hands were my everyday joy. You gave me the strength to become […]

126 Days After Yolanda – A Two-day Journey

This is the first time I visited Tacloban. It is also our team’s second visit after storm Haiyan (local storm surge Yolanda) ravaged areas in Tacloban and nearby areas. The aftermath of the storm are still visible four months after this calamity. During the flight, the weather was not so good and it was the […]

Winner, The Philippine Star’s My Favorite Book Essay Tilt – August 25, 2013

Here is a snapshot of the article in The Philippine Star with a link below for my essay on Paulo Coehlo’s book “Brida”. This is for my daughter who bought me the book and one who inspires me to continue achieving victories related to my passion for writing. This contest was sponsored by National […]

A Walk Through of my Life in the past three Months.

It has been the most fruitful last three months of my life, and the experiences explode like fireworks high strung in colors that cannot be forgotten. In September, finally we had secured a 5 year MOA with the Department of education to continue our adoption for 4 existing beneficiary schools and to adopt two more […]

New Beginnings

-This is me in my newest form, older, bolder, with scars that have become badges of victory.  Time flies so fast and one can barely catch up with it. One moment you are twenty and the next two decades just flew by without even noticing it. The child I held in my arms, is now […]

Some Afterthoughts about Pork Barrel and Political What Nots

It is all over the place, news about government officials squandering the money of taxpayers. What else is new? This is almost as eternal as the struggle against poverty. I want to imagine if it were to make sense to funnel all these funds instead directly to what the public can access like free medical […]

Surviving a Horrendous Sunday and Intestinal Flu

I am now stuck at home and have lost all the liquid in my body after a bad case of diarrhea and fever since daybreak of Sunday. I have lost count of the times I had to go back and forth the comfort room and not just to relieve my self but to vomit until […]

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