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Are You True to Your Promise?

A word is just a word, until is acted upon. I learned that there is much more to promises than just giving them. Promises without commitment are just mere vapours that escape once the seal is broken. Justice delayed is justice denied, and so are promises broken.

Today as I have time to reflect on what I have been through in the past months, I realized that in my life, I too have broken some promises, and therefore, hearts of people who held on to my words. And so as I grow old, I want to be very careful of giving out my word if I cannot deliver them. I can imagine the pain of being forgotten, and being set aside as very real. It happens to me a lot. But after the pain is washed away by tears, I learn to forgive and let live.

So I leave the challenge to you, to live up to your promises before you break the hearts of others. It is not a joke to put lives hanging, and hopes that may be to you are nothing, but for those you leave your promises with, it means to them, a fulfillment of your consistency.

Posted by Cricket on January 15th, 2015
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