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Getting Things Done on Time


As they say in Journalism, deadlines are dead. Life is full of these, deadlines and targets to chase after. Dreams that need to be fulfilled. Moving forward, we want a better life, a better future and a life that’s full of accomplishments. Victories, no matter how small, matter.

Everything has an expiry date on it. And sometimes, after we chase after our dreams and fall short, we often feel cheated on the rewards that we reap. But that’s life. we cannot always be winners. The act of trying to win is in itself enough to prove that we are, in the moment, alive and kicking. Struggles and challenges are living reminders of the long way that we can still go. Life does not end in every defeat. It is just the beginning of good things to come. Maybe life is just teaching us a lesson. Maybe it’s just a test, and a very long one at that.

Mediocrity may be a sin, but the greatest sin of all is not loving who we really are and accepting our own limitations. Even if we are created to be excellent creatures, and no matter how we try to prove ourselves better than the rest, there will always be a time that we fall short by the standards set by people, mortals like ourselves. And how do we deal with it? We have to, with all our might, dig into that reservoir of self love and justify the many ways that we are perfect in our own measurement of what “excellence” means.

Otherwise, in this world ruled by unkind words and unruly people, weakness of heart will mean the death of dreams. Maybe it is time to create dreams made by our own standards of what excellent living is all about. It’s not about how many places we have been to, or how many awards we win, or promotions that we get. It’s about savoring every moment when you have championed each challenge hurled at us that makes us perfect. God has a special niche just for us, no matter where we are in this echelon called society. And that is what matters.

Posted by Cricket on January 15th, 2015
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