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When You Turn Into Who You Really Are

It is a slow burn, a dance to forever, transformation, dive-fall-hurt-live, and pick up the pieces. Yesterday you were a kid trapped in innocence and protection until life teaches you otherwise. As you travel this path to self-discovery, you win and lose and meet angels and monsters, You become strong each time you get burned, […]

Ano Na Nga Ba?

Kunwari’y balisa sa pagbabasa ng balita sa dyaryo, at sumisigaw ng nagaalimpuyong galit sa sistemang bulok na lumalamon sa kaluluwa ng mga makapangyarihan. Ngunit makatapos ay iinom ng kapeng may tatak ng babaeng tatsulok ang korona at may temang sosyal ang tawag sa inuming may sulat pa ng pangalan. Akala ko ba ay may ipinaglalaban […]


Before this day ends, I would like to thank God for guiding me to see clearly. In the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to learn many new skills that I have always wanted to experience. These are just basic knowledge and yet I know that it will definitely change me. It was a […]

Journey to My Best Life…

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Reflections During a 5 Day Sabbatical

This week we had a 5 day break due to the visit of Pope Francis. Though I am not a solid Catholic in terms of my faith and having been raised in a protestant church (and ironically, educated from a catholic school and a alumni of a Catholic university), I share the same respect as […]

Are You True to Your Promise?

A word is just a word, until is acted upon. I learned that there is much more to promises than just giving them. Promises without commitment are just mere vapours that escape once the seal is broken. Justice delayed is justice denied, and so are promises broken. Today as I have time to reflect on […]

Getting Things Done on Time

As they say in Journalism, deadlines are dead. Life is full of these, deadlines and targets to chase after. Dreams that need to be fulfilled. Moving forward, we want a better life, a better future and a life that’s full of accomplishments. Victories, no matter how small, matter. Everything has an expiry date on it. […]

October Rush

October is a time to celebrate the many beautiful things that are happening around me. God is truly great. Maybe it was also about time and I too have to dream of better things to come  

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