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My Thirteen Year Old Hero (now Twenty)

-poetry from the past, have a blast! My 13 year old Hero -01/16/06 for my Nadine There is a child whose eyes are so wide, her mind open and her heart braver than any one I have known in my whole life. As I hold my breath, thinking that the world will sink, she reminded […]

On a Positive Light

Today I woke up to a brand new promise of hope. I have learned that God has his ways of answering even the deepest problems of man. I can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel. I am so sure that there is more of that brightness when I discover my way […]

God is my Avenger

…That my foot slip not in the face of adversity. -Psalms – Songs of David The unknown future, unfathomed, and lurking somewhere beyond. There is no certainty, and like grass we all will wither away unnoticed. All our efforts will disappear like the setting sun on the horizon. Slowly but surely we will all reach […]

In the Land of the Least Acknowledged

I belong to a breed of unknowns. My deeds are silent in nature and is deeply rooted in servitude of others. I am the least likely acknowledged and though I walk among Kings and Queens, their shadows are quite too ostentatious to reveal my form. I hide inconspicuously as an irrelevant object in a giant […]

The Nintieth Post

It is still quite a long way before I reach my 90th. My daughter keeps telling me to be patient and that in no time I will get there. I am supposed to write about anything I can think of. Ah, today is a very tiring day. The dog broke the plumbing in front of […]


Reality bites. People only remember when they need you. Or when it is relevant . When you need them they just disappear in thin air. At least now I know that I need to distance my self. In the future the only important people in my life are my family. I am now officially thinking […]

Writings on the Wall – Capturing the Moment

And now, a smorgasbord of emotions. Not just the happy ones but anything that best describes the moment – fear, anxiety, an honest to goodness account of what I feel. Words truly are powerful. It can pierce the hearts of people. It can bring down countries and tear down walls. It can reunite estranged lovers, […]

Ties that are Broken

You may try to take as much as you can but you will never take away our spirit… For blood is just blood and flesh is just meat. You do not go unseen when you let your respect drift. When you mark territories that are not yours to mark or claim or steal. If no […]

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