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Remembering Daddy – Excerpts from Childhood Memories

I am the daughter of an architect, my father was one of the youngest, most promising professionals during his time. He failed to complete his degree but I was told by his contemporaries that sans a diploma, he was a visionary in his era. Every Sunday he would take us to Luneta and Manila Zoo, […]

Casting Fears Away

I am an old soul and the road I have traveled leads me nowhere. Yet this Great Invisible Force keeps me going. I am alone but in the midst of my solitude, I am accompanied by hope that all these things will come to pass. I am weary and worn out by the years of […]


It is a saying that what does not kill your soul is not going to break you. Change is part of life, and we have to go through it to survive. Change or die. This is always true even in organizations. If a plan does not work the first and second time, then we must […]

My Favorite Things

Food chicken Chicken Joy! Starbucks РGreen Tea Latte and oatmeal cookies SereniteaРAssam with Pearl Sinkers Holy Kettle Corn! Resto Jeepney Cafe РHotel Intercontinental Manila Escolta РThe Manila Peninsula  Рpistachio icecream non fat Senju Edsa Shang Р(To be updated soon)

Homeward Bound Soon

I am coming home soon to you. It has been years since I have seen you smiling. The century has been generous to you that you have learned your lesson well in this lifetime. In the next, you will be a stronger You. The emotions wont rule you, nor pride nor lack of judgement. Come […]


This is the beginning of my life. A commencement of my journey towards self discovery and finding the realities of my existence the way I want them to be. Finally, I think very clearly now. Away from all the negativity accumulated over the years. It is time to cleanse and heal, time to be kind […]

God of Abundance

Lord, You have never stopped showering us with blessings, and for being fair and just. On some days, when it feels bleak and hopeless, You make us feel your presence. In so many occasions You would make a statement that we are loved and blessed, that you are around us and that more happy experiences […]

God of Rescue

Dear God, calm me down amidst all the challenges and difficulties I am facing. None is stronger than your power, and none is more compelling than your words of wisdom. I surrender my worries to You, faithful God. Glorious and just. Protect me from the evils of this world whilst I walk among men who […]

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