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Some Afterthoughts about Pork Barrel and Political What Nots

It is all over the place, news about government officials squandering the money of taxpayers. What else is new? This is almost as eternal as the struggle against poverty. I want to imagine if it were to make sense to funnel all these funds instead directly to what the public can access like free medical […]

Surviving a Horrendous Sunday and Intestinal Flu

I am now stuck at home and have lost all the liquid in my body after a bad case of diarrhea and fever since daybreak of Sunday. I have lost count of the times I had to go back and forth the comfort room and not just to relieve my self but to vomit until […]

KhimBob on a Rainy Afternoon

  The rain last night seemed like it were signalling another storm this week. The next day it stopped and I scheduled to do my groceries because I was afraid the floods might rise again. After paying my bills at the mall, I went to buy a gas range because we placed the oven range […]

Two Way Cheese Croutons with Cream-Pizza Style

It was a war with hunger on this stormy day. There is no way I am going to starve. it has been three days and most of our groceries depleted, what must I do? Hmmn. Then an aha moment happened. I was craving pizza last night but resisting the urge to order online. No more […]

Remembering A Hero – Ninoy Aquino on August 21

I was in Grade six during Edsa, my memory still fresh of how events happened. My mother did not allow me to go to the streets but in my heart I know I was with every Filipino who went out there to display support to the widow of Ninoy. The sound of armored vehicles at […]

Day 3 After Habagat

It has been the third day since strong rains have poured out from the skies and thousands of families are now settled in the evacuation centers across the Metro. I feel very thankful that this time we were only flooded for one day, and that it receded almost instantaneously. I thank God for answering our […]

To My Countrymen

Philippines, we will survive this together. The ravages of nature, the corrupt politicians and government officials, tragedy after another…We are too strong to give up, and too proud to feel downcast. Our heroes and martyrs did not die in vain. Therefore let us now be heroes for each other. This is the time to rise, […]

All’s Well that Steams Well

Gobo asked me what I wanted for my fortieth birthday. I told her to buy me a coffee maker so that I can make some brewed coffee for Taty when he is home. Yet she said, she wants to buy something ¬†for me or something that I want for myself. I remembered last month that […]

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