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All That Matters

Time is not enough for us and so we spend it wisely and waste it sparingly by staying together at home instead of going somewhere else. For less than five days, we were together again, laughing at the same jokes, watching the same old tv shows together. It was probably the longest four days of […]

I Want to Be There

Before I lose my breath let me touch your heart, I don’t want to miss a single beat, I want to be there… When you need me most, to hold your hand when no one’s there   Before I lose my sight let me look into your eyes, I don’t want to miss a spark, […]

Taking Snacking to a Higher Level

I saw something funny on twitter today. It says, if someone says you are fat, then tell them, yes you are fat indeed, and they are ugly. Furthermore, you tell them that you can diet and they on the other hand, can do nothing except surgery. Yup, for everything else there is Belo Medical Group […]

Hua Hin Beach Escapade

I have never been to the white sands of Boracay. As I have heard from friends, it had the whitest of sands and the promise of waves that will take your breath away. Let me not be taken in mistake for not loving my own country, it was just a case of not having an […]

Brasas – Brazilian Street Food

It was almost 1pm, the crowd was extremely thick and the search for a good place for eats seemed an impossibility.  The opening of SM Aura ushered in a panic mode for shoppers to be where the new hub for shopping is – Fort Bonifacio. I went there to ocular the also newly opened SMX […]

The Dawn of New Leisure Architecture – SM Aura

Astonishing and one of  kind. SM Aura just recently opened and Hollywood’s Jessica Parker no less graced the opening of a new frontier in modern architecture. The gigantic establishment  which is just as exciting as its bigger brother SM Mall of Asia has called the attention of mall fanatics from day 1. The mall goers […]

Free Verse

I would like to write about a road without an end, and one that leads you where you wish to go. There is no true happiness when freedom is rare. I prefer to travel without restrictions. Time is not a problem, we have lots of it when we want to spend it. Money is something […]

Squash Soup and Banana Pudding

I am so happy that my daughter is now ok, and the doctor said her acute parotitis will subside very soon. This weekend is a weekend of thanksgiving for God’s kindness and for the healing He sent to our home. Thank you God for making her better. Today we make squash soup, her favorite. I […]

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