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I Colored My Hair Red Today

Today, I looked into the mirror and saw some grey hair showing under my black hair. I am going to be 40 in seven months, and yes, age has finally caught up with me. So I asked my daughter to fetch me some of my favorite hair dye and went on with my ritual of […]

Running for a Cause – 1K@Amway

Amway Philippines L.L.C., a leader  in the direct selling industry worldwide and in the Philippines, recently launched a series of foot races nationwide which is called 1K@Amway. The first leg was held at the CCP Complex  on January 12, 2013. The Cagayan De Oro run happened on January 26th and the Baguio, Davao, and Cebu […]

Eight Days in Bangkok – My October Visit

    Great food, great shopping places, and most of all, being with my hubby after three months of being away makes this visit very meaningful. October 26 2am, I arrived at Suvarnavummi International Airport after being half awake in a bumpy ride aboard 5J931 (thanks to the monsoon rains in PHL). It is my […]

My Happy Thoughts – YOU

  I will always cherish every moment with you, and pray that one day we can be together. I want to take good care of you and tell you how much I miss you everyday. You are always our hero, all your sacrifices just to make us happy and to prepare for a brighter future. […]

Embracing Change – Moving On

It may not be easy, and the discomfort zone may present challenges that may give me  tough time. It is like when  its the first day in school, or a first day on the job. Everything will be twice or thrice as hard as it used to be. Yet there is no turning back now. […]

Into Your Hands

When the road is too long, and the end cannot be seen, I wait upon Your love to see me through. When the world around me suddenly turns upside down and I am left in the midst of uncertainty, my life, I entrust You. There is nothing much that I can do, because I am […]

What Grandparents Are Made Up Of

I am an orphan but I was never motherless or fatherless in my life. I have a great memory of my grandparents who were always there to take care of us in lieu of their children’s parenting. I have two sets of grandparents from both sides of the family, all four grandparents who loved us […]

Like a Flowing River by Paulo Coehlo

I have never been fascinated by any other writer in the same way as Paulo Coehlo, who always shows how spiritual life is. He gives insight tothe insignificant things and transforms them into great realities. Sometimes we just fail to notice the things around us and recognize the signals that are sent by these incidents […]

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