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Secretariat – The Greatest Horse of All Times

The movie is sub tagged as “The Impossible True Story”, about a housewife who with very little knowledge of racing managed to win a Triple Crown in 1973. Diane Lane  portrays Penny Chenery, owner of Secretariat, a thoroughbred horse. Secretariat is trained by  John Malkovitch (Lucien Lauren) and wins the Triple Crown which has not […]


Just like the predecessor of the theory of Darwin, this movie similarly creates a thrilling extra terrestial encounter of two college professors Ira Kane and Harry Block (David Duchovny  and Orlando Jones) along with a sexy government based scientist Allison Reed (Julianne Moore) and a cadet firefighter Wayne Grey  (Seanne William Scott) in  Colorado. The […]

Just A Walk in the Park

How can one pretend to be someone he or she is not? This is the dilemma of the main character Adam  (George Eads) a dog walker by profession, and does this for a living as he routinely traverse Central Park walking the dogs of the rich and famous . His family and friends are extremely […]

Remember Me and My Writings

The world is such a beautiful place with you in it. I  feel you as an immortal memory that lives on and on in my mind. I may not be with you but you know that I am always here. My words will touch you and send my love from miles away. My prayers will […]

Bring Out the Charmer in You with Cutey Bracelets!

As a lover of accessories and a fanatic of charms and fashion jewelry, I am elated to try on Cutey’s bracelets because of their uniqueness and classy designs. Young and elegant, it is a must try for all fashion conscious ladies out there who deserve no less than the best in craftsmanship. What can I […]

Spaghetti Day

Today is another day for pasta. For my beautiful daughter, I cooked Italian cum Filipino Style spaghetti this afternoon. It’s not anybody’s birthday but another weekend where my mettle for cooking had to be challenged. Out with the incredibly healthy carrots and therapeutic onions, Tender Juicy Hotdogs (Purefoods brand), Del Monte Italian Herbed spaghetti sauce, […]


  There but not quite. Halfway between alive and dead, the escape route is almost closed; I barge in and out of consciousness, my hands are weak and my soul tired. I surrender not,To my realities, the world is one unfair place. Hope is my shield, I try to move forward, one step at a […]

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

It takes a more mature couple to survive a relationship that spans between distances. Some people say that this is impossible, but I say that it is not true. Based on experience, when two people have a bond that is beyond just physical relationship, the commitment to make it last  is the key to successful […]

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