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Waiting for Tomorrow – In God’s Time

I am missing all of you. I am sorry for being difficult and unfeeling. But I do feel gnawed up inside. Only God has the key, only He knows. Everyday seemed eternity, I feel tired of waiting. But wait I must, and all I can do. I hope you forgive me for my absence, and […]

Work is Life

Teacher, accountant, doctor, basketball player, blogger, or whatever your job is, you must love what you do so that your job will take care of you in terms of financial, intellectual or psychological perks. Work does not define a person but it helps make a person achieve the things he or she aspires for. The […]

Learning From Manny Pacquiao

He is one of the greatest fighters ever to grace the international boxing arena. Manny rose from his humble beginnings and has shown the whole world what being a true blooded Filipino is all about. His name is synonymous to victory and his opponents cringe at the far end of the ring when they come […]

How To Deal with a Migraine Attack

Two Advil capsules later, I still feel my temple throbbing in pain. After four hours of meeting I feel nauseated and dizzy. This day, like others before it, my migraine has gotten the worst out of me. I was unable to wake up and had to fight against myself to leave the bed. I headed […]

Another Sunny Day for a Brave Dad

It is raining hard outside and I have just finished cleaning the car, just as I have promised. The laundry is now neatly folded and hung on our huge wooden cabinet. I cooked spaghetti for my daughter and the sauce from scratch. It’s Father’s Day and we will see him again in a few more […]

Caffeine Moments

Half awake and still, I pray for my salvation, but hope is somewhere hidden and my eyes are now as weary as the old oak beside thee valley of no repose. Promises forgotten, lives torn, how can one be almost full then empty at the same time, all at once the confusion seems like an […]

Cartoon Lady

Hey Cartoon Lady, where have you been? You have gone through all the places where no mind could ever go; There is no bound and the world to you is a big fun playground, but the clown had not done his part. Draw and erase, spin and toss and turn; until your magical dance bring […]

Advice to the Youth

When I was your age, you remind me of me, I use to think that life has so much to offer, and time is on my side. If only I knew that every second counted, that every decision can make or unmake me, then I would have done otherwise. But regret has no place, even […]

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