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Reflections During a 5 Day Sabbatical

This week we had a 5 day break due to the visit of Pope Francis. Though I am not a solid Catholic in terms of my faith and having been raised in a protestant church (and ironically, educated from a catholic school and a alumni of a Catholic university), I share the same respect as Pope Francis has for the other religions of the world. After all, faith is more important, and one that has the power to change people and the lives of others.

I am thinking of what really are the most important things in life. I wont be a hypocrite to say that regret and failures have never been part of my own journey, and that sometimes, I do not end up getting my aspirations in life. Yet, in all of these ups and downs, the only true thing that I have is my family. What can be more important than the people who believe in the things that you can do or accomplish, and those who do not judge you for your lack. I began soul searching for what I really want.

I want to have a simple life, a life that is adequately surrounded with happiness coming from simple joys. I do not need to compete with others like I was made to believe in. So this year, I close that door of insufficiency and believe that I have everything that I need. For the things that I want, I leave God to decide. I will work hard for everything that I know I deserve and put all my worries in God’s hands. I will ignore people who judge me wrongly and do not live only for their approval. I will embrace myself and my strengths and weaknesses as essential to my being. I am whole through God’s grace.

Maybe I have to forgive myself for listening to other people’s expectations of me. Instead, I will live according to my own expectations.

Life is too short to be on a leash, and so today I break free from this vicious cycle and strive to live a happy life. I will defend this happiness from people who want to interfere, obstruct, steal any opportunity, or disrespect my opinions. And pray hard that my justice will come from God.

I face you 2015, with optimism. I do not know what is out there, but I will do my best to seize every moment.

As I watch the message of Pope Francis, I realized that we can all be like him, a man that is not defined by protocols, but respects it. We can always live life by the numbers but sometimes we have to try something different because maybe, old ways do not work. I leave my old self behind.

Posted by Cricket on January 16th, 2015
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  • Cris Baltazar

    September 5th, 2015

    Hi Michelle, how are you and Arthur? Its been a very long time. I was reading your articles, very insipirational and full of hope. God bless you and your family always.


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